Welcome to My Dream Stead School.

At MDSS, we celebrate the tremendous social, emotional, and academic growth that comes from learning within a diverse and nurturing educational community.

Alice Walker, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author, reminds us that “we must look closely at the present we are constructing: It should look like the future we are dreaming.” The power of an IDEAL education is that it models and paves the way for a future in which all individuals are honored for their full identities, equipped and challenged to achieve excellence, and inspired to contribute to a more just and equitable world.

Our exceptional academic program is based on the core belief that students learn best when we set a high bar and scaffold the path to achievement through differentiation.

At MDSS, we recognize that true learning is only possible when students feel understood and celebrated within a warm and nurturing community. Thus, across divisions, our faculty is dedicated, highly-skilled, and committed to knowing students as both learners and individuals in and out of the classroom.

My Dream Stead School graduates leave the school equipped not only with exceptional critical thinking and academic skills but also with voice, self-assurance, and the empathy that comes from learning to look beyond oneself and from seeking to create “the future we are dreaming.”

I encourage you to visit and to learn more about the power of MDSS’s inclusive, independent school education.


-Onyinye Catherine

Head Of School

My Dream Stead School is a low cost, tuition free school for out of school children; a project of Dreams from the Slum Empowerment Initiative aimed at touching lives of children living in rural communities through access to quality education.

Our Vision

To nurture the dreams of children to fruition.

Our Mission

To make quality education accessible to every child.

Our Services

  • Educational support services
  • Dyslexia Therapy

Our Core Value


Our Motto

 Touching Lives

Our School Anthem

We are the children of my dream stead school
Our core value is love
We believe we can perfect our story
My dream stead school is touching lives
My dream stead is changing lives
And our future is bright
And our future is now